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Easy DIY Christmas Hot pad Gift

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Food and useful items are high on my list for what makes a great gift! And of course, who doesn’t love brownies plus can find a use for a hot pad for the kitchen. This easy DIY Christmas hot pad is a great gift which works for men or women. And with a price tag under $5 it qualifies as a very frugal Christmas gift.

DIY Fall Table Centerpiece

CraftsKim Brush4 Comments

Summer is my favorite season and I admit the cold weather generally makes me a bit sad. To battle the autumn blues I’ve been working on the autumn decor in our home! Gathering the supplies for a DIY Fall Table Centerpiece was appealing to my crafty side and keeping it inexpensive challenged my frugal skills.

Why we are NOT homeschooling anymore

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This year starting school didn’t include homeschooling for our family. After being in the trenches with my four kidos for 20 years it was a bit of a shock. Do you want to know why we would choose to NOT homeschool our youngest? Well, read on!

Over two decades ago this month, I sat nervously down with my oldest and we started our first phonics lessons. It was so foreign to me as a public school teacher to only have to keep one child’s attention. The subject matter was totally different as I had taught middle school and adults prior to that first day of Kindergarten in our home.

Spray Paint and Stenciling Colored Mason Jars for Fall Decor

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It's no secret that Mason jars are my thing. They are so versatile in the kitchen and for crafts! Since summer is almost over, I realized that my sweet spring mason jar colors need to have a cozy fall update. To replace the soft pastels I want to share a new DIY that uses the spray paint technique that I detailed in my DIY Bless You Jar Tissue Dispenser post(so go check it out!) and add in some stenciling and maybe even burlap flowers!

DIY Bless You Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser

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I have a confession to make. Mason jars are my addiction. I can't NOT buy them at a garage sale. My daughter says that I have "jar" a problem. She's probably right.  Last summer I started up-cycling some of my "extra" jars (Translate: I had run out of space and needed to share some of the love with friends) into Bless You jar tissue dispensers!