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How to finish a rag rug and care for it

2017Kim Brush5 Comments

Don’t you just love handmade rag rugs? Somehow they make a room warmer and more colorful! There are several ways to make a rag rug: braiding, weaving and by making knots. My favorite type or rug is made with the Amish knot.  This post is all about how to finish this type of rag rug and care for it! 

Low carb chicken quesadilla freezer meal "kit"

2017Kim Brush4 Comments

The search for easy quick HEALTHY lunches and meals is ongoing around here.  I'm still working on our families healthy eating reboot. One of my challenges is actually planning to cook for our lunches. Sandwiches are my son’s standard daily lunch but I want him to be able to make other recipes. So I'm on the war path.  He learned to make Low Carb Freezer Chimichangas and those served us well in November and December. We just did another batch to restock. Now it is time for a new recipe(to him) Chicken Quesadillas are easy and quick to fix. Plus he loves them. 

How To Get Ground Beef Super Cheap

2017Kim Brush2 Comments

Finding quality meat has been one of those “adventures” that gave me a headache for MANY years! If I could find a good sale at a local grocery store I would buy 10-20 pounds of meat to put in the freezer but with a family of 6 that meat seemed to disappear all too soon. That is why I am so excited to have found a way to get excellent quality beef at a reasonable price.

How to make the base for a oval rag rug

2017Kim Brush1 Comment

This is the most awkward stage of your rug. Since you don’t know what the process is supposed to look like. I have tried to take clear pictures and really show you what each step looks like.  I am in the process of shooting some videos that will help you even more to SEE how a rag rug goes together. 

Doesn't that sound amazing? 

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