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Summer Bucket List aka Sand Bucket List

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As the weather warms up, my brain starts to go in to summer mode.  That means a more relaxed and laid back time for the family.  That is good after a busy spring of Bible Quizzing events and finishing up school. 

We start spending a larger amount of time outside and the activities we enjoy are more active.  I've been looking forward to that change for several months.  My energy seems to have returned from my cornea transplant in December.  Yeah!

We have a tradition in the Brush household.  For the last couple of years we have made "bucket lists" of things we want to do before the weather turns cold again.  We affectionately call it the Sand Bucket list since it is for Spring & Summer. 

Reasons to make a Summer Bucket List

  • It's a great way to start the kids dreaming about what the next few months hold. 
  • It helps me as a mom to not get so caught up in what I want to do. 
  • Provides a loose structure of ideas too keep us from being to laid back.
  • I can schedule some fun for the kids and it takes no creativity on my part to make them happy! 

Yesterday I asked the kids to write their lists up so we could start scheduling some of the things that they would like to do this year.  I'll share our lists once they get them filled out.

Here is the fun printable I made for them.  It's free and made me think of summer time things.


Summer Bucket List(click to download printable)


I'd love to hear what is on your summer bucket list.  It's fun to hear what other families are doing together!

Summer Bucket List Printable