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Mondays are usually a day where we are home all day.  We get TONS of school done on those days. 

That is super important right now as we’ve used most of our vacation time for the year.  That is the wonderful privilege of home schooling.  Sometimes our priorities are not multiplication tables or biology experiments.  So we rearranged our schedule because the lesson that people are more important than school a priority.

I mentioned last week how we have a new normal.  Well in the old normal I was a pretty organized person.  The kids had assigned chores, did laundry on certain days & regularly cooked & helped with dishes. 

We still get all almost all that done now but it is not organized.  I am okay with that.  That is one more lesson that God has taught me as we go through cancer with my mom.  He doesn’t care if my floors are mopped(they aren’t) but he does care if I’ve taken the time to call or stop by.

Needless to say that my extra time is not devoted to my favorite hobby.  I usually sleep, snuggle with kids or do laundry(never done).  I haven’t touched my scrapbooking since October when I went on a weekend getaway with friends.  BUT I did get my stuff out of the closet this weekend.


Now if I can just sneak away for a few minutes to journal or work on a layout.  So thankful I had time for the first step to getting some time to indulge in my hobby.

Inexpensive Getaway


Many years ago a group of girl friends would get together and scrapbook the pictures and memories of our families.

A couple of hours just wasn’t worth dragging everything out so our goal was to have an overnight crop.

We tried hotels—too expensive & no room to spread out

We tried homes—not far enough away & not enough room

Then 5 years ago we found the perfect solution.

We rented a church camp!  We run away on Friday & come home on Sunday.  We share the cost of the camp and everyone contributes to the food so the cost is kept to a minimum!  This past weekend was the biggest number we’ve had—23!!!

I love this group and I am so grateful for their involvement in my life.  There is so much history & friendship that tie us together.

We had a much needed time of laughter, teasing & talking.  They really took care of me this weekend.  

If you have a group of friends that you love & you like to get away.  I recommend renting a nearby church camp. 

The one we use has such a peace about it that it has become a sanctuary for several of us.


Things to do before I run away

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Every spring and fall I organize a getaway for ladies. 


It started out as a scrapbook retreat & that is what most of them do but some sew, cross stitch, organize tax information, etc.   I am so grateful for this weekend to get things DONE that have been nagging at my attention.


Someone once told me that it was a party with all my best friends. 


What I have found is that there are people who will come who need something and there will just the right person who will be willing to give the advice or help that they need.  We will laugh ourselves silly. 


There will be tears at least once and there will be healing.  Sometimes I just sit back and watch the different people talking, laughing and praying and think “Thank you God for letting me be part of this.” 


Serving these ladies is something with which God has blessed me.

There is a lot going on this week! 

Here is my list to help me be ready.

1.  Pack clothes, towel, toothbrush, oh and my scrapbook supplies


2.  Run errands & do my coupon/grocery shopping

3.  Send a few emails to friends about how much fun we are going to have!  Who is riding with me?

4.  Go to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s to pick up some supplies

5.  Go to the dentist—yuck

6.  Clean the fish tank

7.  Stay healthy—have I mentioned everyone in my house is sick except the parents?  Emergen-C please!

8.  Go to bed on time so I can stay up late on Friday & Saturday nights!


9.  Buy some yummy/healthy snacks to take along

10.  Pray for each person coming & ask God to guide me in all ways this weekend.  What we get done is less important than what He is going to get done.