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How to wear a lei in your hair!


We have been blessed to participate in a wonderful program for girls called Far Above Rubies.  A sweet Christian woman organizes one afternoon a week for girls in our area.  She keeps them busy with skits, songs, lessons, & snacks.  They learn scripture & hear about missionaries. 

How to wear a lei in your hair -

It started small with just a few girls and now there are almost 100 that are involved. 

Elizabeth is a leader of one of the sub groups and Megan is a helper in another group.

Last weeks theme was Tropical Tuesday.  One year after the blizzard that swept through the mid-west! 


We actually joke that it is guaranteed to snow on Tropical Tuesday and it usually does!

Megan wanted to do something new this year with her outfit. 

Its hard to find tropical stuff in January!

We have a collection of hawaiian type shirts & a few leis.  The girls also take a beach towel to sit on at class.

Megan declared she wanted flowers in her hair so she made it work to have a lei headband.

How to wear a lei in your hair -

A clip helps hold it in place.  Megan’s hair has gotten really long so her flowers fit right in with her flowing mane!  Looks great Megan!  Don’t forget your flip flops!

How to wear a lei in your hair -
How to wear a lei in your hair -

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Kim1 Comment
This week I get to tell about my sweet Megan. I think one of the things I like best about her is her laughter. We giggle about a lot of things around this house but Megan loves to laugh & her laugh is infectious. Just this evening we were listening to Steve read to the kids & we both knew the story so as the funny parts came along she would start to snicker & then would just give up and giggle. I couldn't help it . . . . . I was giggling too.

At 11 Megan has started to get long legged and is beginning to loose that little girl look. She is fast growing up and becoming a young lady. She has been growing her hair out for a year and now doesn't have any bangs. She keeps it tucked behind her ear & likes to swing her hair around because it tickles her neck!

She is her brothers best friend and they play together all sorts of made up games. I have seen them lately building forts out of mattresses. Dressing up and chasing each other all over with swords in an elaborate game they invented. On the other had Megan loves to play on her own. She is content to do a puzzle for hours or get out her doll house & get it set up just right.

I often say Elizabeth is the creative one but Megan has some talent in that area too. She makes woven pouches that are incredible. Latch hook and cross stitch are fun too! Just the other night she surprised me with a drawing that was very accurate & I could really tell what she had sketched! Her creativeness needs structure--like in latch hook. She likes to know where the lines are and how to stay inside of them. As a little girl I remember her being this way and now it is surfacing again as she grows.

There is a tenacity in this girl--something that is very determine & won't let go. When she decides to do something then it gets done. A couple of years ago we started her in soccer. I was a little unsure because some of the girls were a lot bigger than her. But you know what she was FAST & she went after that ball like nobody's business! She is like that in learning something new too. She keeps after it and doesn't give up. I love this picture because it really shows her attitude. This was in a very cold game where it rained but she didn't stop for one minute!

Some things Megan loves--pink, chocolate, puzzles, hugs, dancing with her Dad, helping others, & babies. Things that she doesn't like--being unsure of what to do, having someone unhappy with her for ANYthing, or disappointing herself.

I think maybe it is because she is #3 but Megan is the flexible child. She likes her vegetables, she rarely fusses about clothes or chores. I will often see her pick up the slack when another person is unable or unwilling to pitch in. She doesn't ruffle when plans change. But she has a long memory--if I promise something you can be sure she will remember & remind me. I miss my little girl but I see that God has great plans for my young lady that is emerging from my precious sweet child.