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Where we were . . . Nationals 2010

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Well to celebrate Bible Quizzing Nationals I thought we'd have some fun flashbacks photos.  These are from the last time we were in Pittsburgh, PA in 2010.

Quest 2010

Michael was on Quest


Elizabeth was on Stride

Nationals 2010

We were just along for the ride.  No coaching.  Just watching.  My how things have changed.

And then some fun ones because I just couldn't resist. 

Where we were . . . April 2010

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Where we were. . . .

The Cute & Posed


The Real Stuff

Joshua the boy who loves to make faces when the camera comes out.  Michael quickly learning that we loved him for his muscles.  Then there is the sweet little girl reading on the deck.  I promise I didn't pose her to look so cute.

Group shots!  Wow we look so young.