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Real Life Lesson #8 / How to change the world one person at a time aka How to not be a jerk to others

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Real life is really messy. 

Nothing EVER goes as planned and our reality never meets our expectations.

Lately everything on the news has been about death, hate and prejudices.  I try not to listen too much to the news because it just makes me yearn for heaven and hate this world. 

Sticking my head in the sand is not going to change anything outside my door but is SUPER hard to do that when you know you are a complete mess. 

Can I share a secret? It’s ok to be a mess, in fact it can make you a better person. 

Seems backwards doesn’t it?


I’ve lived through some really rough stuff over the last few years and it could REALLY make me a bitter, sad, lonely person.  But instead I’m trying to see the world through different lenses.  I want to change my surroundings by impacting others in a positive way and today I’m challenging you to do the same.

Many of the Real Life lessons in this series of tips for Homeschool moms have applied to way more than young adults and homeschool parents and this lesson is no different. 

We all need to pay attention to these things.  Do it. It will make your life better!

Getting along with others

I will say it again.  The world is a mess.  It is HARD to get along with everyone.  We see it everywhere we look.

Life changing concept:  You don’t have to understand another person's journey(though you should try) to be caring, kind and compassionate.  This applies to your close circle of friends and family and to complete strangers.

Small simple ways to be kind that won’t take a lot of time or effort but reap big rewards

  • With everyone.  Pay attention to words, actions and non verbal cues instead of being distracted when you interact with people.
  • With your closer friends:  Do small things to lift their spirits on a bad day.  Give them a favorite coffee or soda just because you want to help.  Give a listening ear or hug when they need you.  Offer to help with a task that is overwhelming to them.
  • SMILE.  Really it is so easy.  I like to pick on grumpy people and see if I can get them to smile.  Sometimes I will even give them a compliment to see if I can change their attitude.  It doesn’t always work but it is a fun game.  Also it will change YOUR attitude if you are down, sad or grumpy!  This young boy has the right idea.  LOVE his goal of 33,000 smiles.

Give Back

It doesn't have to be complicated.  I always tell my kids that everything comes back around.  I help you today and tomorrow or next week you can help me back.  But don't keep track.  That just robs the helping of the joy of giving! 

  • Find ways to make other people's life easier. 
  • Always be ready to help. 
  • Stop rushing and give people time. 
  • Volunteer for jobs that no one wants.  
  • Do a job when you aren't asked.  That means having your eyes open to what needs to be done and that is a whole different post but SUPER important!

Final words of wisdom that don't really have a place but are priceless

  • Don’t judge people until you've walked the road they are on.
  • Treasure good friends and treat them like you want to be treated.
  • Pray for everyone.  Don’t make it worse by talking behind their backs.

This is the eighth day of the 10 day series of Tips for Homeschool Moms.  (If you aren't a homeschooler don't click away!!!  MANY of these topics will apply all moms!)

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