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Real Life Lesson #4 / Car Care Basics

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When I was 15 (and maybe younger) all I wanted was the freedom of my own wheels. 

Are your kids ready for "real life?"  Prepare them with the lessons in this 10 day series!  Plus there are 24 other mom's contributing to the Tips for Homeschool Moms series!  Check it out!-

My dad recommended that I put off buying a car as long as possible. I was baffled by his attitude.  The comment didn’t seem to be a "keep my little girl little" kind of comment. 

It was more that he wanted to pass along some wisdom.  

His reason was that as soon as you buy a car, you need a job and then once you start working you never stop.

I didn’t really have any money concerns until I bought my first car.  Then the expenses of insurance, gas and maintenance became a reality and I NEEDED a job to pay for it all. 

Dad was right.

Car Basics for young(and old) drivers

The "Gas it up" Debate

Are your kids ready for "real life?"  Prepare them with the lessons in this 10 day series!  Plus there are 24 other mom's contributing to the Tips for Homeschool Moms series!  Check it out!  -

I’ve often heard advice to keep your gas tank half full for better gas mileage but I’ve also been told if you let it go closer to empty then you will get better gas mileage.  Its an old debate but the real reason to keep your tank full is to reduce the anxiety of making sure that you can get where you are going.  

New Drivers need to know

  • How to open gas tank
  • How to dispense gas
  • How to pay inside and at the pump for their gas

Regular maintenance

This helps avoid a lot of problems.  Be familiar with your car and what it needs!  The driver's manual is a great resource for that information. 

If you take care of your vehicle then its life will be extended and it will go for MANY miles and save you money in the long run! 

Many of these tips can be Googled but that is no fun on the side of the road.  Know these things BEFORE you NEED to know them.


Practice them when you aren’t frustrated and upset because your car has failed you.

New Drivers need to know

Preventative Car Maintenance Tips & Car Maintenance Log

Preventative maintenance keeps a car running well.  It is a GREAT idea to keep track of routine maintenance and oil changes.  As in WRITING it down because after time goes by it can be hard to know exactly when something occurred.  Keep the Basic Car Care chart printable in your glove box with the owner’s manual so it is easy to update after each time of maintenance.  

When things go wrong

The hope that that things will never go wrong is a little naive and doesn’t help with the responsibilities of “Adulting” when it comes to driving a car.  Instead plan and think about what steps would need to be taken if something goes wrong.


  • Check for injuries
  • Call police
  • Take photos
  • Exchange information
  • Contact insurer

Police pulling you over

  • Pull over & have license and registration available
  • Be respectful!!!!
  • Keep hands where they can be seen

Strange noises

  • Check gauges
  • Pull over if sounds serious
  • Call for help
  • Take to mechanic as soon as possible

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