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3 YUMMY recipes with NO gluten, dairy, rice, corn or eggs

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The past week has been CRAZY!  Totally wild, fly by the seat of your pants crazy!

I was gone on a fun getaway with a friend for 3 days.  Great for me because I took off the mom hat for a while but was hard because I was walking a bunch and that make my hip REALLY grouchy! 

We were in Arizona and the weather was so nice we sat out in the sun & got some relaxing hang out time before we flew home.

What happens with no Menu Plan -
What happens with no Menu Plan -

Back at home Steve was ferrying kids back and forth to the dress rehearsal of a play that they performed in on Thursday & Friday nights.  Then on Saturday we headed to Kansas City for a Bible Quiz day. 

Exhaustion from running & not eating the right foods

Food has been hit and miss.  Seriously we didn't eat at home together all week.  When we go without a plan that is what happens.  We get run down and sick. It is harder to do our daily tasks.  Several kids said they were glad I was back to take over the meals again.

On Sunday I wrote a menu on my 2 week menu (free printable!).  Our menu will be on the Day to Day Adventures Facebook page tomorrow if you are curious or need some ideas! 

recipes with NO gluten, dairy, rice, corn or eggs

Elizabeth. is still going without wheat, dairy, rice, corn & eggs.  As a family, our suppers are free of those items as well.  Breakfast and lunch are on your own.  I've been searching Pinterest & many blogs for recipes that appeal to everyone and are easy to make.

Meals are basically this:  meat, veggies & salad.  Snacks are fruit.  Simple yet difficult.

It is the little things we are realizing.  Yesterday I realized that our turkey meatballs have wheat in them.  Not sure how I missed that.  Also, the gluten free soy sauce she loves has cornstarch in it.  It has been rough but between the no bake cookies(recipe below) & cashew milk she is surviving. 


Anyway . . .

Trying New Recipes when you have food sensitivities -

new recipes we tried

German Chocolate Fudge Bites from Chocolate Covered Katie.  Seriously good.  We've made 3 batches of these in the past 10 days. 

Very yummy!  Soak your dates & they won't be dry--ask me how I know!

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie also from Chocolate Covered Katie.  This was a practice dessert for Steve's birthday celebration. 

Thumbs up from all.

Buckwheat Porridge from the Roasted Root.

A new food to us. 

Buckwheat sounds like it should be avoided for us but buckwheat isn't wheat it is a seed that has no gluten in it.  It has a nutty taste and was a delicious new food for Elizabeth!

(No pictures because we ate them too fast!)

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One BIG lesson

We've found that when you have to radically change your diet, there are still good foods out there.

You might have to try new things or change the recipes that you use.  Sometimes it is easier to start fresh with new meals than to try to recreate old meals using substitutes. 

It never tastes the same as the original which leads to disappointment and frustration.  So trying new recipes is the plan of action right now.  Should lead to an interesting Thanksgiving meal . . . .

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