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Finding joy when holidays make you sad

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Finding the joy when holidays make you sad

Tomorrow is a hard day. In the past we've had so many Thanksgiving meals with my parents and siblings. That tradition has not occurred for several years since my mom passed away and now my dad is gone as well. Suddenly the holidays are a something that make me sad.

The LIE: Holidays bring Happiness

Are you in this situation too? Where the day is not ever going to be what it was in the past?

It's hard. My heart breaks a little for us.

The Reality: We have a choice

I'm choosing to count each blessing instead of wallowing in my sadness. It’s hard and I continually have to think about what is good and all my blessings. All of November on Instagram (Are you following me? You should!!) I’ve shared what I’m thankful for and I will continue through Dec 1. I’ve picked back up my journal as well to write down the things in my head. Those things help me. I’d love to know what helps you through the holidays.

Our plan for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow we are planning on having a “Charlie Brown” meal. This tradition started because it seems like we are often sick on T-day especially when the kids were young. So we would pull out the popcorn, crackers, cheese and snack foods for our “special” meal and we’d watch movies with our little ones. It's a good tradition to have.

Finding the joy in this means I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having a meal with loved ones, I’m glad my kids are home and we can have a restful day together.

Then on Saturday, my siblings and their families will be joining us for a meal.

Finding the joy means knowing it won’t be the same but I’m thankful that we are continuing to have a meal together. Families can grow apart after the dynamic changes but we are trying to cling to each other as the years go by.

If your holiday is hard then I encourage you to find the good, the blessings and gather with your people.

Finding joy when holidays make you sad

And it doesn't have to be family.

Make it a Friendsgiving or a Neighborsgiving by sharing and celebrating with others who don’t have family to be with on Thanksgiving.

My prayer for you and me today is that we experience many blessings. May you have many friends and family to share them with today. Looks for little ways to bless others and enjoy the time you get to spend celebrating and being thankful.

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