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Essentials on my list for the very best Christmas

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This year we have a VERY short list of what MUST be done in December and over Christmas break. 

It is helping me to not stress over anything. 

I’m having hip replacement surgery the second week of December and so if it is going to happen then it must be done this week.

Making a short list means that we can plan and get it done. 

Making a short list means keeping the “overwhelmed” feeling as far away as possible. 

Making a short list means less stress.


Must Do in December List

1.  Celebrate for the right reason

It’s a joyous time of year.  There are special fun things that we want to do that are part of our family’s Christmas traditions.  We plan to celebrate by seeing family, attending parties or decorating our tree.  But we are going to talk about and rejoice in the WHY.  Our kids know Christmas is about Jesus coming as a baby to be our Savior but it still needs to be said(shouted really) over and over and spill out into our conversations and actions with everyone.

If we don’t have the right why then our reason for celebrating is wrong.

Make your Christmas the best yet by choosing the the essentials for your list this year!

2.  Rest

This will be mandatory for me.  If I don’t rest then I won’t heal.  I want to be going, doing, & walking without pain but that is going to take time.  So I have a pile of books, projects and movies that I’m going to enjoy while I rest during this season.  I’m looking at it as a vacation from my normal work and business.

Rest will be on the list for everyone.  December can become over filled with activities, shopping, parties etc.  No one wants to spend Christmas sick and exhausted so we will be getting to bed on time and spending time resting each week.

Make your Christmas the best yet by choosing the the essentials for your list this year!

3.  Maintain the house

Cleaning is going to be done by the kids and the husband.  So that means they need a list.  Mainly my list lives in my head but for simplicity sake I wrote down a list for them.  

For the last couple of weeks, every time I did a cleaning chore I wrote it down on a printed out calendar.  Now we all know the last time the chore was done and I can let them know if it needs to happen. (ie Its been a week since the bathrooms were cleaned or the sheets need to be changed)

4.  Think ahead . . . not get ahead

With a big date looming(surgery), it is hard to plan further out because I don’t know how easy or hard my healing will be so I am “thinking ahead” not “planning”.  There’s less pressure that way.  My thoughts are about what 2016 is going to look like and what habits I want to create for myself and our family.  This “thinking” ahead will help shape our actions and plans when it is time to start “doing” again.

Make your Christmas the best yet by choosing the the essentials for your list this year!

I challenge you to keep your list small.  Do the most important things and let the rest go.  It will be okay I promise. In fact it just might be wonderful.

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