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Do you wave at your neighbor?

KidsKim Brush1 Comment

Living in the country is different than town.

Last house we lived in was on a busy road.  3 blocks from a gas station.  4 blocks from a major highway. 

It was convenient.

And loud.

We had traffic all the time and could hear the truckers when they had to use their air brakes.

Life is different now.

Country road

We see our neighbors.

And the mailman.  Actually half the time he drives up to the door and we chat a while.

Country is good.  Even gravel roads are good.  Dusty but quiet.

Megan is learning to drive. 

She's loving every minute of it.  Asks every time we get in the car to drive. 

I need that.  The reminder that she's growing up. 

In my mind she's still 8. 

She's not.

Giggly.  Confident.  Sassy.  Loving.  She's all those but not a little one anymore. 

Tonight it caught me right in the gut. She's looking ahead.  Making plans for the future.  One of those plans is driving.

Country driving


I watched her meet another car and she initiated the wave.  You know the three fingered one where you don't lift your hand from the wheel.  You know the one that says "Hey neighbor"

My kids are experiencing country living.  Megan's learning gravel road driving before we move on to smoother roads. 

So far the neighbor's haven't complained.