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Blessings for the week volume 14

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Well it wasn’t that I wasn’t thankful last week.  I was . . . Really.  I was just exhausted from activities and being out of town.  So this is my list of blessings from the past two weeks.

Blessings -

1.  Learning

There’s a lot of learning going on in our house these days. 

  • I got to run away to a conference to learn some business related things last week with a friend. So fun & WARM to be in Arizona(it’s snowing here right now—ugh)
  • Learning to cook without eggs, corn, dairy, rice & wheat is a challenge
  • School marches on despite the desire to be done for Christmas break. 
Blessings -

2.  Classes ending

  • Megan & Joshua have been a part of a drama class since the beginning of September.  The performance was last week & they did a great job.  But we are glad it is over and we can reclaim some time. This is the weirdest picture but shows the both of them in costume.  Joshua's head really isn't shaped this way. 
  • Megan’s college classes are off for Thanksgiving break and she’s thrilled to not have anything to do for a week.  Just a few more weeks until classes are completely DONE!  This is one way we prepare our children for independence.  College classes while still in high school.

3.  Healing

We are seeing some progress in Elizabeth’s healing.  She has more energy and is more “herself” lately.  I can’t even start to tell how thankful I am for this.  Watching your child suffer with pain and fatigue  is torture when you can’t help or make it go away.

4.  Progress

  • School marches on.  Even on days I feel like crawling back into bed or sitting in my recliner and binge watching Netflix.  I’m so thankful that we aren’t behind and that we have a plan for the next couple of months. 
  • We’ve also been preparing the house for surgery.  The master bedroom is cleaner so I can get around with a walker at first.
  • We’ve gotten in to a routine of keeping the kitchen clean on a daily basis which is a major stress reliever for me. 
  • The “Things that are driving Mommy nuts” list has been taken care of by various people.  Really that was a list on my counter for a while.  It kept me sane.  Really.

5.  Good food

Blessings -

I finally got to make more pb cups this week!  It's lways a blessing to have those in the house.

We've found foods that work and taste good. 

Last night we had a pumpkin “pie” that everyone liked and I managed to make donuts that Elizabeth declared “the best donuts she's ever had.”  Her reasoning was that they didn’t make her sick.  Ha! 


Food isn’t easy.  But it is healthy and we haven’t had as many fails lately.  

As we go into this Thanksgiving week I challenge you to also count your blessings. 

Not just the normal ones of friends and family but go deeper.  What really makes you have joy and that you might just take for granted?  Make sure you don’t ignore them because they are important.

Have a blessed weekend and Thanksgiving week to come!

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