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Blessings for the week volume 13

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I want to change things up a little this week. 

I’ve been counting my joys each day on my personal Facebook page.  I do this each November before Thanksgiving.  Thankfulness is the key to my joy each day. Being thankful leads me to worship. 

Quiet Worship -

It is easy to focus on what is not good or dragging me down.  If I count my joys at the end of the day then I turn my mind in the right direction.  Towards Jesus who deserves my praise. 

Plus it is just a fun activity. Once I get going I see blessings in my life everywhere! 

So here are some of the “best” things of my week.  I’d love to hear what you are counting as joy!  

Best SOFT things to offset the HARD things of the week

Blessings -

Sweats, cozy socks, my recliner & hoodies are my hiding place.  When my hip hurts this is how I cope.

Best challenge

Laughing with Elizabeth while trying to do planks at Physical Therapy. 

Best turn around from BAD to good

I’ve had a cold for two weeks.  FINALLY at the tail end of the week I am getting better.

Best foods to battle a sore throat

Oatmeal, chicken soup, hot tea, cold smoothies

Blessings -

Best change

I had my hair chopped this week.  Fun short hair that is easy to care for makes me VERY happy.

Best recipe I made this week

I made this recipe on Sunday and we’ve been eating on it all week.  LOVE me some “Butterfinger Bars.” LOVE that it is full of healthy fats and that Elizabeth can eat these as a treat.

Blessings -

Now it is your turn!  Are you counting your blessings in November?  I'd love to hear what you are thankful for here in the comments or over on the Day to Day Adventures Facebook page

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