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Are you taking time to enjoy summer?

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Are you taking time to enjoy summer?  If not take my challenge this week to slow down and do something you LOVE! -!

I can’t stand that we are almost to the 4th of July!  Seriously the time is flying by as it usually does. 

I don’t know why I’m surprised each year at how quick these fun summer months go by.

We are in the middle of revamping our deck.  It is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you all. 

Earlier this summer I shared about my front porch retreat but I think this back yard deck will be the spot for hours of sipping tea and chatting with friends while our kids swim or play in the back yard!

Since this project started I’ve really had to remember that I wanted to enjoy each moment of this summer. 

I’m taking time to invite friends over to swim or just hang out and catch up on life.  I’m convinced that we are TOO BUSY most of the time.


My challenge to you this week is to slow down from the stuff you HAVE to do for at least an afternoon and ENJOY summer by choosing something you WANT to do.  Maybe that means reading in the hammock, taking a nap, going shopping with a friend, making a craft with your kids, sitting and watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.  Make sure whatever you choose that it is something that you enjoy about summer.

Do you enjoy challenges? 

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My fellow bloggers and I have decided we are going to take short break from the Life is Lovely Linkup party!  We aren’t going away forever and will be back in business in September after school starts again! 

I am still going to use Tuesdays as a day that I share what's lovely about life but I want to hear what's lovely for YOU!  Make sure you are connected with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook so you can keep up with and contribute to the #enjoysummerchallenge!

One of my BIG priorities every day is celebrating JOY.  On Tuesdays I will be sharing what is joyful for me on social media.  I SO want to hear what you are enjoying about summer on Tuesdays!  Join me and let's celebrate together!!

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Are you taking time to enjoy summer?  If not take my challenge this week to slow down and do something you LOVE! -!

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