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Vegetable Soup Rug

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Sitting and doing nothing is not a skill I possess.

I need a book.  I need a project.  With either of those & I can sit all day while working quietly.  My kindle helps a lot with that.  Been downloading free books!

It seems like in the past two months I’ve had to run out the door at a moments notice.  Then when I get where I am going, then I just sit for hours waiting.

Hospital rooms, doctor visits, or sitting at chemotherapy with mom.  They all have one thing in common.  Time where I just sit and wait.

My solution to this is my bag.  It has projects, snacks, paper, pen, gum, money & my Kindle.  If I have this ready then I can grab my id, keys & I am ready for the day.  It is sad when your life can be reduced to a bag.  I use it for when I am running errands & dropping kid.  I’m more patient if I have something to do.

My current project is a rug.  I don’t really know why I love rugs so much. 

I learned how to make a toothbrush rug at Silver Dollar City.  It is a great kind of rug but I want a rectangle to go by my front door.


So I started a locker hook rug.  I’ve made one of these before but not this big.  There are a lot of great books & tutorials out there so I won’t be doing a step-by-step on this one.  I will show my progress from time to time though.  Currently I am about 1/3 done.  The goal is to do 4 rows a day—some days I make it & some I don’t.  (especially when I use the time after the kids go to sleep to blog)

Rugs seem to be what I can manage to make these days.  I love quilts, cross stitch, and sewing but my rug is portable and doesn’t take a lot of concentration.  Pick a color, do a row, pick another color, do a row.  Not real challenging on the brain.

Elizabeth calls this rug “The Vegetable Soup Rug”

I think it is the colors.  Fall colors.  I will tell you the story behind the colors soon.  My only attempt at frugalness lately.  Not much couponing going on.

I will give a hint.  Where can you find yards of fabric for cheap?