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Storing Plastic Bags


Make It Work 2

I keep my eye out for new(or old) ways of doing things that improve my home!  So next week my plan is to start a new blog hop on Monday called Make It Work.  This a new thing for me so stay with me here.  Do you have some great ideas that fix a problem? 

This is the place to share it!  Come back next week & share your handy dandy solutions so we can all benefit! 

Plastic bags are so useful but so plentiful!

You come home from shopping with dozens of plastic bags from the store.  (Unless you have invested in enough reusable bags)

We do recycle most of them but some of them are used in our smaller trashcans.  So what do you do with the ones that are hanging around the house waiting to be used?

In the past, we used a homemade cloth tube that hung on a hook in a closet but the tube came apart so I kept looking for an easy solution.

Paper towel tubes!  We’d be recycling these anyway & they are free!  I like that they are slim & somewhat crushable.  An empty Pringles can works well also—love that it has a lid!


It makes this little nook in my garage a bit neater!