Day to Day Adventures

10 Things that need doin’



This is an attempt to not procrastinate.  These are my marching orders for this week or maybe next week.

10.  Clean the fish tank-it is bad, really bad. 

9.  Defrost the freezer in the garage.

8.  Decide on a color of paint for my dining room.  Brown or green?

7.  Order school books for next year—why have I not done this?

6.  Divide up 50 pounds of oatmeal in to 5 gallon buckets.  Sounds like a kid job to me.  Hmm maybe more than one kid.

5.  Decide what we are doing this weekend.  Camping or projects around the house again.

4.  Mop the kitchen floor.  Again a kid job. HA I love delegating!

3.  Hem the curtains for my bedroom.  It has been half done for a couple of weeks.  ARG!

2.  Mow the grass.  WHY does this need to be done when the heat index is 115?

1.  Last but not least—sew on a project that I can’t share because it is a gift!  This one I want to do before all the others but it is my reward at the end of the day.  It is very cute, soft & cuddly.