Day to Day Adventures

Staying Home

This past week has been unusual. The kids have all been sick.
One at a time for about 4 days each. Sigh.

So when you stack that up with a little overlap you get 7 days of staying home.  With unhappy crabby little people who are bored to tears.
Now I like being at home but after a few days I start to go a little stir crazy. Okay A LOT stir crazy. I do have a great friends who came to visit me Friday night for a little adult conversation & scrapbooking.

Instead of griping about the lack of social interaction, we’ve tried to use the the time in good ways.

1. Bible challenge—Steve has given our family a challenge. If you read a book(pleasure) then read a book of the Bible. It really has made us think about how we use our free time.

2. Cleaning—floors are mopped, tubs are scrubbed, kitchen is cleaned, etc

3. Mowing—It takes about 2 hours to mow our lawn. It is done for the week. Yeah because it is looking pretty busy!

4. Movies, Games, Coloring, Napping—okay that is what the kids have been doing.

5. Planning—school, meals, projects, house organization.

My errands haven’t gotten done but my babies are getting better. We haven’t gotten to do our normal activities but we’ve played games & nursed the sick ones.

So I know I have saved money on gas this last week. 

Of course swim lessons start tomorrow so that means I will be in town everyday for 9 days. Hmmm I think I will be spending what I saved. Oh well—at least we will see some new faces.