Day to Day Adventures

Messes I keep running into


Things are back to normal around here. 

Not in a good way either.

Everywhere I turned today there was a mess.


I am frustrated at the lack of helpers.  I am frustrated at my lack of consistent consequences for their slacking.  Besides I have been slacking so how can I hold them accountable?

Grrrr!  I am trying not to react and be upset. 

It is hard. 

It  is difficult not to take it personally.  Everyone did such a great job when I was down and out & unable to _____(do dishes, laundry, clean etc).  But now that I can  . . . well we just aren’t there yet.

It isn’t everywhere.  Mainly just in the bedrooms.  So we are going to work there on Saturday. 


Some of it is day to day stuff.  8 year olds should be able to remember to make their beds each day right?  Somehow that isn’t happening.

Everything in me looks outside and yearns to just chuck chores, school & house cleaning and go out and enjoy it.


We will, it will just be the reward for working inside.

Piles of stuff, season change clothes & papers—be gone!


It is hard to be the grown up around here.