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Loft Bed & Shelves

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Steve & Elizabeth started a new project last week.  I admit it is one that I encouraged them to do.  I have a girl who is a book lover.  It is challenging to keep them organize & neat.  She is also in 9th grade this year.




That means more school books & notebooks than ever.  However, she has a small desk & it usually looks like a tornado hit it.  She’s okay with the mess but she admits that she “spills” over on to the floor around her desk a lot.

The plan is to build a loft bed for Elizabeth that will allow her to have more bookshelf space & move her desk under her bed. P1110668

She is terribly excited and enjoyed getting to help her Dad build the first part of the bed.  


I love it when a need can be satisfied by Dad & the kids working together.  They did a great job with a little help from Joshua. 


We got our plans & this photo from Anna White’s site.  Elizabeth’s bed will have the big shelves on both ends(more space!)


If you’ve never  been there you out to check it out.  I have a wish list a mile long.  Hopefully soon there will be pictures of the bed part.  Big decision right now is do we paint or stain the wood? 


What would you do?