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Money saving website!


Did you know it’s a jungle out there? 

I am introducing The Savings Jungle today!

Do you ever have friends who start doing something and you just watch them thinking “Nope, not me I am SO not going to do that?”  You know where this is going—then you end up jumping in to do the same thing a few months later?  Well I have a story like that.

About 2 years ago or so a couple of my friends started talking about the money they were saving using coupons.  I thought “Coupons? Come on no one does that do they?”

I just watched.  Thinking that they were putting SO much effort in to something that could not be saving them that much money(snickering behind my hand).

Well I don’t remember what coupons she gave me or pointed out to me that I could get a free item at the store, but I am pretty sure that is what happened.  She also told me about someone’s blog who told were to go & what coupons to print & use.  Okay I could do that—that isn’t a big time thing.  She was very gracious & never pointed out my “bad” attitude & about face when I started saving money each week and telling her about it.(Thanks Gwen!)

Fast forward a couple of years. 

I do buy a couple of papers every Sunday.  

I do check a few websites(Money Saving Mom & Faithful Provisions) before I shop & I DO get FREE things we actually use in our house. 

It is a money saving strategy for me—its worth the time I put in to it each week.  I don’t blog about it here a lot because that really isn’t my focus on this blog but I wanted to introduce my friend’s website. 

I am recommending that you head over to The Savings Jungle

Especially my “real” life local friends because The Savings Jungle is focused on finding savings in Mid-MO. 

Enjoy saving some cash when you find some good deals!