Day to Day Adventures



I stood in my kitchen today and baked some yummy bread.  I haven’t gotten to be creative in the kitchen for a month.  I’ve missed it.


It’s February and I don’t have a calendar up.  I finished making one on Shutterfly today.  It has all the birthday’s for both sides of the family on it.  WOW that is a lot of birthdays.  Going to get it printed this week.

Everyone is home tonight.  Michael said 3 days of being snowed in with a bunch of crazy guys was enough.  He had to get out and come home.  Love that.


My boys are playing games at the table

Finished studying with my girls for tomorrow’s Bible Quiz. 


Best of all I only have 3 days left on crutches.  I cannot tell you how happy I am for that.  I am glad for a busy weekend so I won’t have time to be frustrated it by it.  The time should fly.  Happy Weekend!

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