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20 years and counting

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Yep today is Groundhog Day.  In the US that means we watch a groundhog to know how long we have until spring.  Kinda silly isn’t it.  But hey winter will make you do things like that.

Another silly things is that I got married on Groundhog Day.


  Steve likes it.  He never forgets when our anniversary is that way.

Usually we don’t spend our anniversary together because he’s working & I am home schooling/corralling our young’ins.  But God arranged it this special year that we could be home together.  Well sort of—he’s outside shoveling a ton of snow off our driveway.  That and making snow tunnels with the kids.  I am kind of jealous. 


That is saying something because I don’t really appreciate the cold or snow.  But it looks fun from the window.

I cannot even begin to write a blog post that would do justice to the love I have for my husband.  He is kind, loving, hardworking & above all loves Jesus with all his heart.  He is continually striving to grow and become the man God wants him to become.  I am so thankful for the first 20 years we’ve had together and I eagerly anticipate the adventures we will have in the next 20.

And because sometimes pictures speak louder than words. . .


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