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Money Saving Monday: No Cleaning Lady here


We are making new plans to utilize untapped potential energy.

I am having surgery next week and then will be on crutches for a month so the kids are getting drafted!  We always say many hands makes light work!

I have asked them what  they prefer   

a) the same chores every week    


b) rotate chores each week

Both ideas have merit

SAME chores

-Become an expert on the chore & it doesn’t take as long to do

-Mom doesn’t have to keep up with who is doing what each week

-You KNOW what your chores are a little bit easier

ROTATE chores

-Let’s face it there are chores NOBODY wants—so this helps

-Boredom doesn’t set in quite so quickly(maybe)

-Everyone gets a chance at the easier chores

We will be trying a middle of the road approach.  Some chores will be assigned & not rotated.  These will have a set time/day to be done.  This will get the basics covered.  However the “yucky” chores will be passed around.  (ex changing the cat litter)  So everyone will have the joy of doing an unwanted chore every once in a while as a service to our family.

Here is the list (definitely a work in progress)

Daily Upkeep—everyone does these

Make Bed, Clothes in Basket, Brush Teeth, Toy pickup(zone)

Dishes—fix the meal & you don’t have to do dishes(yes!)

2X Weekly—kids rotate these

Sink, Toilets & Trash—two bathrooms,  Sweep Floor Upstairs(all hardwood),  Floor downstairs(tile & carpet)

Weekly—some assigned & some rotate

Wash whites,  Wash towels,  Vacuum upstairs—two bedrooms,  Personal Laundry,  Empty trashcans,  Mop Kitchen,  Clean tubs & mirrors,  Wash sheets

Daddy will be checking the zones for each kid after supper each night.  Today was amazing!  The kids pitched in and the house is so much cleaner & I did some but not a lot.  This solution keeps us from having to get a cleaning lady while mom is down & out!

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