Day to Day Adventures

1 week and counting


The count down to surgery has begun.  Steve said last night 7 days.  I groaned.  So much to do.

10.  Take the tree down


  9.  Stock up at the grocery store

It’s the end of the holiday season.  No flour or eggs in the house.  It’s the beginning of the month.  The canned goods are depleted.

  8.  Get some meals in the freezer


Since I haven’t felt like cooking much we’ve used most of our freezer meals up.

  7.  Take the tree down & put away decorations

  6.  Plan some alternate learning for the next couple of weeks

Hmmmm school.  Yeah gotta get on that one. 

  5.  Find some exercise pants that I like & aren’t too long

I have gained some weight being non-mobile since Thanksgiving.  I am so ready to be able to walk without pain again!

  4.  Go to the library for some good books

While crutches for a month isn’t my favorite idea, I plan to use it to work on projects that I normally can’t fit in our active life.  Details to come later!  Not to mention some good read aloud time with the kids.

  3.  Clean out my room & get a chair in there


Not sure how I will shower, get dressed, or get in and out of the suburban.  But I have thought about it A LOT and I think I have some solutions.

  2.  Get my hair cut-bless you Dalene!

  All these doctor appointments has messed with my hair appointments.  I need to do SOMETHING with this mop that will be easy after surgery.

  1.  Did I mention take the tree down & rearrange my living room?

I won’t be going to the basement much so we are moving our main movie watching place upstairs for a while.  Now I just need about 6 feet of extra space.

I am so thankful  I only have to wait 7 more days until surgery.  Also 7 whole days to cook, clean, stock up and get some errands run is such a blessing.   Very thankful my hubby and kids are pitching in to make this happen.

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