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Simple Lives Thursday

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Part of me is really drawn to the idea of having a totally homemade Christmas.  However I know that if I was going to accomplish this I should have started MUCH earlier.  That just might be a goal for next year.
My youngest daughter is going to accomplish this because she started her gifts for her grandparents in August.  She loves to cross stitch and crochet so she’s just been working a small bit each week to get her gifts done.  I won’t post photos that would ruin any surprises for relatives!
One thing I have been doing is saving our old blue jeans so that I can make some rugs in the near future.  Here an toothbrush rug I made about a year ago.
I know the name sounds strange but it is fairly simple.  When I start I will do some step by step pictures.  I didn’t know about blogging when I did this rug—so I didn’t know to take pictures!
Here is a website that I have been at that has some tutorials & links to blogs about rug making.
[I've started a new rug!  If you'd like to see the instructions go on over to Making a Rag Rug.]
I stopped in at the Good Will yesterday to look for some shirts but I walked out with a set of sheets in blue/greens & some fabric for $4 that I think will make a perfect rug for my girls room that is lime green sherbet color.
I’m ready to start some projects so that I can stay indoors!  What are you working on?
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