Day to Day Adventures

My helper


Pain is not fun.  I never really thought about how I would handle pain when I grew old.  I am not old but daily I battle continual nagging pain.  It usually isn’t enough to reach for the aleve but some days I should reach for it instead of just gutting it out.  Thankfully my family knows the signs.  Each of them has a way of helping.  The littles just ask for hugs a lot & those help.  But more and more my oldest daughter, Elizabeth, has been stepping in to the role of my helper.

P1090171_edited-1At 14 she could be the whiner.  She could give me the eye roll & sarcastic responses.  Mostly though she just says “Go sit down.  I will do this”  She’s blunt and bosses me around but I think that I know where she gets that.  There is a soft heart hidden under that gruff exterior. 

So yesterday when I came home from an afternoon of errands(which she let me run alone while she watched her younger brother & sister) & I needed to just sit.  When I asked her to put away the groceries she did it alone with out complaining.  I know this is unusual.  I am SO thankful for my helper who isn’t so little anymore.