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Gratituesday:Routines & Flurries


I have tried in the past to have a minute to minute schedule for our school mornings.  I know that it works well & we get tons done.

BUT it stresses me out!  We get behind & I am running & hurrying then I start snapping & snarling at the kids.

NOT the reason I stay in this house to homeschool.

On the other hand I have found that our mornings go pretty much the same way every day—isn’t that a routine?  Isn’t that easier than making up a schedule for us to follow?  We follow  the routine that works itself out.  My job is more to make sure everyone keeps working on their tasks than to to tell them when to do those tasks.

I also know that if I wasn’t here(and sometimes I have to be gone for an early appointment) then the routine would be followed because that is what the kids normally do.


This morning as the two littles took the dog outside we noticed that the first flurries are coming down. 

I am so thankful that because they are routinely outside this time of morning that they can go out & enjoy the first taste of winter.

As it has gotten colder out, I am so thankful that I have time to check my email & drink a cup of tea before starting school each morning.  Winter must come but I enjoy the warm house just as much.  I am NOT snow bunny!

Basic Morning Routine

Mom up/shower/quiet time—get kids up

Fix b’fast & check lunch/supper plans

Eat b’fast & do Bible time

Mom—dishes      Littles—exercise the dog       Elizabeth—teeth

Mom—tea & computer      Joshua—piano      Girls—start school

Mom & Joshua—start school

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