Day to Day Adventures

Frantic Fall cleanup!


I cannot believe the last few days we’ve had!  It is November right? Well it was close to 80 Tuesday.  I figure it is going to turn ugly really soon so we took the afternoon on Wednesday to tackle those leaves our sycamores have been dropping.  The kids have been out in the leaves playing several times but I have been avoiding all the work it takes to clear our yard of leaves.  This year it wasn’t as bad because we had our trees trimmed in the spring so there weren’t as many branches this year.

The kids helped by laying in the leaves.  P1090882We used the largest tarp we have to put loads of leaves on and then pull them to our branches/leaves pile outside our yard.  I was really missing Michael’s help on this job but everyone jumped in to help.  Steve was home and he even did a couple of loads after he finished his jobs in the garage!  Wow what a workout.

We had some huge weeds and the two littles tackled those—with bungie cords?  P1090892I am still not sure how that game worked out but I didn’t card because they pulled them up & took them all to the pile.  Joshua was especially diligent in removing all the marigold plants.  He is a hard worker!  Elizabeth has been mowing the yard all summer and she stepped up to day to do the final mow.  It was pretty easy as she was mostly just mulching the leaves.  There wasn’t a lot of tall grass but it will be so much easier in the spring now that she has done that. 


We cleared the tomato cages/fencing & put all the stakes away in our newly cleaned out garage.  I almost didn’t recognize our neat and tidy front yard when I pulled in to the garage.  It is like all the hard stuff has been done & now we can just hibernate & wait for the cold.  Is that like harvesting, putting all the food in the cellar, and cutting enough wood for the winter?  Probably not but it is still a nice feeling to have that project done before the rains come later this week.