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Top 10 Reasons to drive a Suburban.

  1. We camp.  Have you ever gone to Colorado or Yellowstone in a car with 8 passengers and their stuff?  Trust me a car would explode and so would I.
  2. 4 kids, 1 dog & a daddy who likes to be prepared for ANYTHING!  Can you say Boy Scout?
  3. I am short—I like to be able see what is coming.
  4. The kids like looking down on cars & making faces.
  5. Leg room.  I tried folding myself Into the back seat of a car the other day.  Wow how do you do that?
  6. Teenage drivers.  Your teen will not only be safe if he/she drives as Suburban but will be intimidated by parallel parking.  Therefore delaying the drivers test.(Evil laugh)
  7. I like telling the kids go get in the ‘Burban(not Bourbon).
  8. A large car balances the number of bikes we attach to the back—makes it SO much fun to park at Wal-mart.
  9. The seats are really just couches.  Very comfy for long drives.  Did I mention Yellowstone?
  10. It is good for my self-confidence.  All the little cars just seem to get out of the way when I switch lanes.  I must be someone important.

I am thankful our old Suburban passed inspection today without any needed repairs.

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