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Lessons from the Ocean

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God gives us perfect gifts we just have to look for them.

We’ve been staying in the Outer Banks, NC.  It is a vacation that we take every year for Steve’s continuing education.  This year it’s special because we’ve been married almost 20 years and we added some time to just enjoy being here.

P1090316 I love the ocean. 

That doesn’t give magnitude to how much I enjoy being here.  I could live here but my friends and family drawn me back home.  We’ve been walking our stretch of beach each morning & evening.  As we go we look for shells as so many vacationers do.  There haven’t been many beautiful perfect ones but we do find bits and pieces with perfect colors.


These are the shells that have been beaten and battered until they don’t resemble the shape that they began as.  Sometimes life feels a bit like that.  That project you started didn’t turn out to be as wonderful as the vision in your head.  The direction you decided to take your business didn’t go well.  Parenting a precious child is always affected by sin and personal choices.

We’ve been searching for God’s will in our lives.  The direction we are travelling isn’t giving us joy or allowing us to know the freedom in knowing we are following God’s will.  My prayer lately has been “Lord show us.”  We are listening & know he will show us the way.

Just like this morning when I walked the beach alone.  Not something I like to do—I’d rather be with Steve.  I was up earlier than the last few days—again I’d rather sleep in.  But as I walked I saw that the tide was high.  There are sections of the beach that are rocky and sharp to walk over here.  I avoid them usually but with the high tide I would have to be in the really soft sand—not good for walking.

Then I saw them.  As I prayed “Lord show us”.  I came upon one after another.  Beautiful.  Perfect.  Not broken.  Precious gifts of shells.  I literally couldn’t pick them all up to bring back. 

So I left them for others to find.

Thank you Lord for showing me you can do anything.  Please continue to show me.