Day to Day Adventures

Tuesday Top Ten

There are so many things I love about summer!  Here's the best of the best. 

1.  Changing up the schedule.  We play in the morning while it is cool & then do any "work" or school time.

2.  Vegetable Gardens.  We planted 30 tomato plants this year--yes crazy I know but it will keep me from buying diced tomatoes all winter.

3.  Flowers!!!  I have lots of shade in our yard which makes it hard to plant those sun loving flowers but we carved out a spot and planted sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos & rose moss!

4.  Late bedtimes.  It seems like every night around 8 we start a game that is going to take at least an hour.  I don't stress about it because our getting up time is rather flexible right now. :)

5.  Chill & Grill.  We eat SO differently in the summer.  I like to keep the heat outside so we grill more & I use the crock pot when I can.  Also we more salad, vegetables & of course watermelon.

6.  Projects.  Since I am not tied up in school(as much) we are able to tackle some projects that have been put off all winter.  This summer I am ready to paint the girl's room & perhaps the master bedroom.  I dream of doing the living room & dining room too but that might be a bit much.  Also we are working on cleaning up weedy places outside--just a little at a time!

7.  Visiting friends.  In the past two weeks we have enjoyed visiting with several of our friends families.  It seems there is more time to just get together & play.

8.  Bike rides.  Since Joshua has gotten old enough to ride w/o training wheels we have been packing up the bikes to go on rides because the road we live on is just not safe for bikes.  So far we have enjoyed riding at Cosmo & Oakland parks and we went on the Bear Creek Trail too.  Everyone loves the feel for speed!

9.  Open ended plans.  It seems we are daily evaluating what is most important to do.  From projects to vacation plans--I am feeling the blessing of flexibility.  We tackle things to get them done & then move to the next thing but I don't have this big schedule that has to be stuck to in order for our lives to function well.

10.  Warmth.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love the sun.  I struggle through the cold part of the year so that I can enjoy the outdoors & the warmth of spring & summer.  It makes things grow & keeps my toesies warm.  Now if I could just daily add some sand and waves . . . .