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Snow Banks & Bible Quizzing

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Life is CRAZY insane right now. February and March are the busiest months for our family. We are gone A LOT. That seems to make getting school work done difficult(can't imagine why) and that puts on the pressure because we sure don't want to be still finishing things up when it turns warm again.

We are really involved in Bible Quizzing and I just have to say that this group of teens is the best. I love being around them(cause they are fun!). They are loving, respectful, hard working and they live out Christ's example in their lives day to day. We do a lot of hard work but there is ton of laughter & teasing.
Last weekend we went to Iowa for a regional competition and this is what we did on the way back. It was one of the best moments I have had all winter. Now granted I was inside the suburban watching(I hate the cold!) but I was laughing hysterically as Michael rolled down this massive snow bank. He got up and couldn't walk straight. So he wobbled back up to the top and did it all over again. Elizabeth fought her way up to the top and slid down on her rump. They were all soaked when they loaded back up but everyone declared it was the best part of the trip. Next time they swore to bring sleds.

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