Day to Day Adventures

Not a normal routine

Well I have officially hit the wall this year. Life has been nuts for a month or two but we have kept on plugging away because I know when it warms up my self control over school will crumble. I will want to be outside in the garden & going to the park. So to keep the guilt at a minimum it is good to do school while the snow flies.

Last week I was seeing some serious boredom occurring around here. Same routine, same books, same snacks, you name it--it felt the same. So we shook things up on Friday. We did Science ALL DAY! Everyone loved it and it really felt like we got a lot done. That is one subject that everyone could use a little extra time on!

Here is the "normal" schedule for Joshua--my 2nd grader

Math--4-5 lessons a week
English--5 lessons a week
History--3 lessons a week
Science--2 lessons a week
Handwriting--4 lessons a week
Phonics--5 lessons a week

So here is the "shook up" schedule for this week. Oh there is lots of art because we haven't had time for art in MONTHS! By the way on each day we plan to do at least 3 lessons of that subject.


English or Writing & Art


History & Math


Science, English & BAKING!


History & Math


History, Handwriting, & Art