Day to Day Adventures

New Places for Memories

For as long as I remember, Thanksgiving has happened at my grandparents. My grandma Norma has been gone for several years but we have still gone to their house & gathered together with my grandpa Willard. This year was different.

We went to my uncles. His house was great for our group & we all had a lot of fun. But it was different. I am the oldest of my cousins & my kids are the oldest great grandkids. They did a great job of helping out and entertaining all the younger kids.

One of the discussions we have(as we drive the hour to get there) is about how they are related to these people. We don't see my cousins & aunts & uncles very often so for my younger two it can be a bit confusing. It is a big family. They are familiar with that as my kids are 4 of 30ish cousins on Steve's side, but we see them all the time and it is familiar. I am the oldest of 20ish cousins and now they are all having kids too!

I had the treat to see my dad playing ping pong with my uncle. It was downright shocking! My dad--the couch potato, the one who has a hard time with his balance & sleep depravation? Wow it was amazing to see him moving around like that. Maybe a ping pong table for Christmas? Sounds like fun to me!

Well next week things will be back to normal but this years change was a good one.