Day to Day Adventures

It is a Wrap Saturday March 14 2015

Kim BrushComment

It has been a long week!

We've been baking, making dipped pretzels, cookies & delivering food!  Thanks to all who helped out with our fundraiser.  Kids did a great job working to earn their fees to Bible Quizzing Nationals in April.

Monday was a huge VICTORY for Elizabeth.  She had a blood draw with out passing out.  Now we are waiting to find out what vitamins she's low in so we can supplement.  One big battle of having Celiac disease is that she is often VERY tired.  Even off gluten she is struggling to have enough energy.  We are hopeful that this will give us some answers.

Steve scored on Craig's list.  He found a little wagon to put on our mower, a lawn roller & spreader.  I love Craig's list!

Megan has been driving each time we leave the driveway.  She learned to back up down our long drive this week.  Fun when you can't see out the back because of your shortness.  She did great though.  Her unconscious waving at other drivers really made me smile.

Joshua and I have been moving really slow this week from a cold.  Not much getting done around here and I'm sick of being sick.  Kids helped me our trim apple trees on Thursday.   The weather has really turned beautiful so it was the perfect day for it.  I'm ready to be out in the garden & working on outside projects.  We did manage to do some school despite the sickness and temptation to be out in the sunshine. 

Spring is just a few days away!