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It's a Wrap May 17, 2015

Kim BrushComment
It is a wrap

Busy two weeks!  I think the pictures show it best.

May means Joshua's birthday month!  He turned 13 and now we have 3 teens in the house.  I love it.  I think this is my favorite age despite bad reputation that kids that age get sometimes.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.


The peonies are ready to bloom!  Mother's Day has come and gone which means the pool is uncovered and almost ready for those warm days of summer(that's what I ask for on Mother's Day).  Isn't the water cool & inviting!  Kids are already asking if it is warm enough yet. 

Out of doors is calling to us!  We spent this past week(when it wasn't raining) working on the garden.  We've been putting hay on the garden because we are trying the Deep Mulch method this year.  On Friday, I got 30 strawberry plants in the new squarefoot gardens that Steve built.  The dogs were very interested in this project(as in they walked all over the dirt and dug holes) so we've had to put up some fence as well.  Megan is learning to use the zero turn mower and LOVES to zip around. 



Elizabeth was home for Joshua's birthday and needed a migraine treatment.  Lol! She has finished her finals at Central Christian College of the Bible and has moved home.  We are very happy to have her here despite the lack of wheat in our meals.  Gluten free is just no big deal around here any more.


I think the best part of our week was when some travelers from across the country came for an afternoon visit.  We've so missed Dana & Caralee.  Sadly Marines just not are stationed in Missouri.  It was awesome to see them as they were back home to Missouri for a few days.

Dana & Caralee