Day to Day Adventures

Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping Reset

HomemakingKim BrushComment

In the last 3 months, our grocery buying and meal prep has undergone a drastic change. We needed a reset of our food buying habits and a new plan for getting meals on the table! I never thought that how I’ve always bought groceries and planned our meals would need an remodel but it did and I’m excited to tell you about it.

DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Kim Brush4 Comments

Our family LOVES to make gifts for others at Christmas. It’s economical and it makes it extra special when it’s handmade! We also have a tradition of a new ornament each year for everyone so these DIY Jenga Ornaments are perfect as they are handmade and cost very little to make!

As with many of my crafts I started with the items in my home and then went to the Dollar Tree for the rest of my supplies. I’m always surprised what I find there! What doesn’t surprise me is the great bargains!